Kryštof Harant

17th century portrait of Kryštof Harant by [[Jacob von Sandrart Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice (, 1564 – 21 June 1621) was a Czech nobleman, traveler, humanist, soldier, writer and composer. He joined the Protestant Bohemian Revolt in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown against the House of Habsburg that led to Thirty Years' War. Following the victory of Catholic forces in the Battle of White Mountain, Harant was executed in the mass Old Town Square execution by the Habsburgs.

As a composer he represented the school of Franco-Flemish polyphony in Bohemia. Harant is also noted for his expedition to the Middle East summarized in a travel book ''Journey from Bohemia to the Holy Land, by way of Venice and the Sea'' (1608). Provided by Wikipedia
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