Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang (born 24 February 1957 Linz, Austria) is an Austrian composer, improviser and programmer of musical patches and applications. His work can be described as contemporary classical, with roots, however, in various genres such as 20th-century avant-garde, European classical music, jazz, free jazz, rock, punk, techno, EDM, electronica, electronic music, and computer-generated music. His works range from solo pieces and chamber music to large ensemble pieces and works for orchestra and musical theatre. Besides music for concert halls, Lang designs sound and music for theatre, dance, film and sound installations.

Bernhard Lang came to prominence with his work cycle ''Differenz/Wiederholung'' (''Difference/Repetition''), composed between 1998 and 2013, in which he illuminated and examined the themes of reproductive and DJ cultures based on the philosophic work of Gilles Deleuze. Sociocultural and societally critical questions, as in ''Das Theater der Wiederholungen''/''The Theatre of Repetitions'' (2003) are as closely examined as intrinsic musical and music-cultural problems ("I hate Mozart", 2006). Another focus is the "recycling" of historic music, which Lang performs using self-programmed patches, applying filter and mutation processes (as in the "Monadologie" cycle).

Alongside classical European instruments, Lang also makes use of their amplified electrical counterparts (e.g. electric viola) as well as mutually microtonally de-tuned ensemble groups. Analogue and digital synthesizers, keyboards, rock music instruments (electric guitar and bass, drumset), turntables (the trailblazing instrument of the reproductive culture), rappers, Arabian singers, speech and live-electronics (mainly the self-programmed "Loop Generator") are similarly used. Provided by Wikipedia
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by Lang, Bernhard
Published 2009