This database indexes scientific literature on the city of Augsburg during the Roman period.
For a long time, the bibliography put together by Gerd Rupprecht (published in: Gunther Gottlieb, Das Roman Augsburg, Writings of the Philosophical Faculties of the University of Augsburg 21) was a central instrument for any study of Roman Augsburg. Since an update was last made for the second edition of this work, which was published in 1984, a reworking was an urgent desideratum. However, a new edition in print form no longer seemed reasonable today. In a short time, a printed bibliography would have been outdated again and it would not have allowed searches for specific topics without a complicated index system. The present database should now provide all interested users with a modern and constantly updated tool.
The bibliography is hosted and operated by UB Heidelberg in the context of its current DFG project "Propylaeum - Specialized Information Service Classics". The Chair of Ancient History of the University of Augsburg is responsible for data maintenance. Error messages or requests for addenda can be communicated at any time by mail. The database could not have been realized without financial support from the Kurt and Felicitas Viermetz Foundation, the Kurt Bösch Foundation and the Society of Friends of the University of Augsburg.