Holbein (surname)

Holbein is a surname of Germanic origin. It appears to mean "hollow leg" (''Hol-'' + Bein); however, it could also have originally meant "hollow bone" or perhaps even have evolved from ''Holzbein'', which could mean "wooden leg" or "wooden bone".

Some notable people with the surname include:

* Hans Holbein the Elder (1460–1524), German painter * Hans Holbein the Younger (c. 1497–1543), son of Hans Holbein the Elder, court artist to King Henry VIII of England * Ambrosius Holbein (1494–1519), German painter, son of Hans Holbein the Elder * Sigmund Holbein (died 1540), German painter, brother of Hans Holbein the Elder * Montague Holbein, British cyclist, runner-up of the first Bordeaux–Paris cycle race in 1891 Provided by Wikipedia
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