Alexander Stepanov

Alexander Stepanov Alexander Alexandrovich Stepanov (; born November 16, 1950, Moscow) is a Russian-American computer programmer, best known as an advocate of generic programming and as the primary designer and implementer of the C++ Standard Template Library, which he started to develop around 1992 while employed at HP Labs. He had earlier been working for Bell Labs close to Andrew Koenig and tried to convince Bjarne Stroustrup to introduce something like Ada generics in C++. He is credited with the notion of concept.

He is the author (with Paul McJones) of [ Elements of Programming], a book that grew out of a "Foundations of Programming" course that Stepanov taught at Adobe Systems (while employed there). He is also the author (with Daniel E. Rose) of [ From Mathematics to Generic Programming].

He retired in January 2016 from Provided by Wikipedia
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