Heinrich Zimmermann

Johann Heinrich Zimmermann (1741–1805) sailed on HMS ''Discovery'' on James Cook's third voyage to the Pacific (1776–1780) and wrote an account of the voyage, ''[http://bvbm1.bib-bvb.de//exlibris/dtl/d3_1/apache_media/L2V4bGlicmlzL2R0bC9kM18xL2FwYWNoZV9tZWRpYS8xMDE4MjQ=.pdf Reise um die Welt mit Capitain Cook]'' (Mannheim, 1781). In 1782 he was invited by William Bolts to join a voyage to the North West Coast of America sailing from Trieste under the Imperial Austrian flag. He subsequently commanded the Austrian East India Company ships ''Concordia'' and ''Edward'' on voyages to India. Provided by Wikipedia
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