Leonardo Fariña

Jorge Leonardo Fariña (born 5 October 1986) is an Argentine who was implicated in the political scandal known as "the K money trail" involving entrepreneur Lázaro Báez.

Until Fariña became the target of a probe into money laundering in 2013, he was known to the Argentine public chiefly as the husband of famous model Karina Jelinek, who separated from him after the scandal broke. Because of his high-level involvement in the money manipulations and his marriage to Jelinek, Fariña attracted a great deal of media attention and was identified as the “man most wanted by the [TV interview] programs.” The controversy swirling around both his personal and professional life caused ''La Nación'' to state that he was at the center of one of the “scandals of the year.”

As of mid 2014, Fariña is in prison awaiting trial. Provided by Wikipedia
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