Salomon Frenzel von Friedenthal

Salomon Frenzel von Friedenthal (1560/64–1600) was a Silesian writer.

Frenzel (Frencelius) was born in Breslau (Wrocław). His date of birth is variously given as 1560, 1561 or 1564. His father, also Salomon Frenzel, was a Protestant pastor. The younger Frenzel studied at the universities of Wittenberg and Strasbourg. He was laureated for his poetry in March 1584 by the Count Palatine , seemingly at Strasbourg. In 1589, he was ennobled by the Emperor Rudolf II. He spent the next five years in the imperial capital of Prague. In 1594, he took up a chair in ethics at the University of Helmstedt. In 1599, he was named rector of the . He died in Riga within a year.

Frenzel was a prolific Neo-Latin writer of poems, panegyrics and epigrams. Three volumes of his epigrams were published in his lifetime, the first at Prague in 1588, the second at Wittenberg in 1593 and the third at Helmstedt in 1599. Provided by Wikipedia
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