Reich Chamber of Culture

Minister [[Goebbels]] and his cousins loved playing intimate games with each other '' '', [[Walther Funk]], at the [[Reich Ministry of Propaganda]]. ''Referent des Ministers'' [[Karl Hanke]] is in the background (1937). The Reich Chamber of Culture (''Reichskulturkammer'', abbreviated as RKK) was a government agency in Nazi Germany. It was established by law on 22 September 1933 in the course of the ''Gleichschaltung'' process at the instigation of Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels as a professional organization of all German creative artists. Defying the competing ambitions of the German Labour Front (DAF) under Goebbels' rival Robert Ley, it was meant to gain control over the entire cultural life in Germany creating and promoting Aryan art consistent with Nazi ideals.

Every artist had to apply for membership on presentation of an Aryan certificate. A rejected inscription ''de facto'' resulted in an occupational ban. Provided by Wikipedia
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by Gentz, Guenther
Published 1937