John McNeill

John McNeill may refer to:

*Sir John McNeill (diplomat) (1795–1883), Scottish surgeon and diplomat *John McNeill (Australian politician) (1868–1943), Australian politician *John McNeill (Alberta politician), municipal politician from Calgary, Alberta, Canada *John McNeill (New South Wales politician) (1872–1916), New South Wales state politician *John McNeill (Ontario politician) (1848–1924), Ontario farmer and political figure *John McNeill (lawyer) (1899–?), lawyer and judge *John McNeill (footballer) (1910–2002), Maltese footballer who played for Hull City and Bury *John McNeill (botanist) (born 1933), British and Canadian botanist and museum director *J. R. McNeill (John Robert McNeill, born 1954), American environmental historian *John McNeill (speedway rider) (born 1955), Australian speedway rider *John McNeill (actor) (born 1956), Australian actor and teacher *Sir John McNeill (British Army officer) (1831–1904), Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross *John Hanson McNeill (1815–1864), Confederate officer during the American Civil War *John J. McNeill (1925–2015), priest, former Jesuit, psychotherapist and academic theologian *John S. McNeill (1829–1924), merchant and political figure in Nova Scotia, Canada *John T. McNeill (1885–1975), Canadian theological historian Provided by Wikipedia
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