Keith New

Keith New (3 September 1925-14 February 2012) was a stained glass artist and craftsman during his early career and a well-regarded teacher and landscape painter in later life. After studying at the Royal College of Art (RCA) New returned there, heading the RCA Stained Glass Department from 1955-1958. He served as Head of Art & Design at the Central School of Art from 1957-1964. He was Head of Foundation Studies at Kingston School of Art (later Kingston Polytechnic) from 1968-1991. In 1965 New became a Brother of the Art Workers Guild.

New is considered a pioneering British modernist in the art of stained glass and is associated with major architectural projects of the 1950s and 1960s. New worked on a design team for Sir Basil Spence’s Coventry Cathedral with Lawrence Lee and Geoffrey Clarke in which he designed three nave windows for the cathedral. He explored new techniques for working with leaded and painted glass, including glass appliqué using epoxy resins, and glass mosaic. As a stained glass artist, he completed at least 34 executed commissions for churches, schools and public buildings, some of which are now lost. Provided by Wikipedia
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