W. F. Waters

Bill Waters in 1940 William Francis "Bill" Waters (22 August 1897 – 8 October 1968) was Scouts Victoria's Headquarters Commissioner for Rover Scouts between 1930 and 1965.

Through both the Rover Scouts and Melbourne Walking Club, of which he was Chief Leader between 1934 and his ascension to the Club's Presidency in 1967, Bill introduced thousands of young people to the then-new sports of bushwalking and cross-country skiing. Bill would often contribute articles on his treks to the magazine of the Melbourne Walking Club, the ''Melbourne Walker'', both on the treks themselves through the previously unexplored wilderness of Victoria and on the history of the areas he visited.

Bill led the Australian Contingent to the 5th World Rover Moot and was Camp Chief of the 1961 Seventh World Rover Moot in Melbourne. He was a member of the party which a part of the first winter ascent of Mount Bogong, the highest mountain in Victoria in 1928, and began to take groups of Rover Scouts on week-long treks to explore the Bogong High Plains in 1932. The success of these treks would necessitate the construction of the Bogong Rover Chalet before winter 1940.

Bill was presented with the Silver Acorn by Lord Baden-Powell himself in 1934, and received a Bar to the Silver Acorn 20 years later. Bill was presented with the highest award of The UK Scout Association, the Silver Wolf, at Surfmoot 1961, following the Seventh World Rover Moot.

Bill's ashes were scattered at Investiture Point, a rocky outcropping on the Bogong High Plains and the closest place to the Bogong Rover Chalet at which it is possible to see Mount Bogong, in April 1969.

In recognition of his unequalled contribution to Rover Scouting, Scouts Australia's Adult Recognition Award for service to the Rover Section is known in Victoria as the WF Waters Rover Service Award. Provided by Wikipedia
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