Cassius Dio

17th century illustration of Dio Lucius Cassius Dio (), Some authors argue that he was born earlier, in about 155 AD, but this is usually not accepted. He probably died a few years before Alexander Severus's death in 235, but there is no way to determine this.}} also known as Dio Cassius ( ), was a Roman historian and senator of maternal Greek origin. He published 80 volumes of the history of ancient Rome, beginning with the arrival of Aeneas in Italy. The volumes documented the subsequent founding of Rome (753 BC), the formation of the Republic (509 BC), and the creation of the Empire (27 BC) up until 229 AD, during the reign of Severus Alexander. Written in Ancient Greek over 22 years, Dio's work covers approximately 1,000 years of history.

Many of his books have survived intact, alongside summaries edited by later authors such as Xiphilinus, a Byzantine monk of the 11th century, and Zonaras, a Byzantine chronicler of the 12th century. Provided by Wikipedia
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by Dio Cassius, Dio Cassius
Published 1917
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