Green Vault

''Grünes Gewölbe'' (Green Vault) The Green Vault (; ) is a museum located in Dresden, Germany, which contains the largest treasure collection in Europe. The museum was founded in 1723 by Augustus the Strong of Poland and Saxony, and it features a variety of exhibits in styles from Baroque to Classicism. The Green Vault is named after the formerly malachite green painted column bases and capitals of the initial rooms. It has some claim to be the oldest museum in the world; it is older than the British Museum, opened in 1759, but the Kunstkamera in St. Petersburg, Russia was opened in 1714 and the Vatican Museums date their foundation to the public display of the newly excavated ''Laocoön group'' in 1506.

After the bombing of Dresden during World War II, the Green Vault was completely restored. Today, its treasures are shown in two exhibitions: The Historic Green Vault (''Historisches Grünes Gewölbe'') is famous for its splendors of the historic treasure chamber as it existed in 1733, while the New Green Vault (''Neues Grünes Gewölbe'') focuses the attention on each individual object in neutral rooms.

The Green Vault is located on the first and second floors of the western section of Dresden Castle. It is now part of the Dresden State Art Collections. Provided by Wikipedia
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Published 1881
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Published 1881
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