Sovetish Heymland

Literarish-kinstlerisher khoydesh–zshurnal. Organ fun shrayber-farband fun FSSR. Moskve, 1961-1991

The aim of the bibliography is to provide researchers with a useful tool for accessing Sovetish heymland, which for a period of thirty years – the so-called Sovetish heymland period – was the only forum for Yiddish literary activity in the Soviet Union.
The project is hosted by the Institute of Slavic Studies at the University in cooperation with the Heidelberg University Library.

The bibliography is currently under construction. If you have further informations or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail sent to Dr. Bettina Kaibach or Dr. Daniela Mantovan.

Further information can be found at DFG-Projekt Sovetish heymland