Friedrich Vollmer

Friedrich Karl Vollmer (14 November 1867, in Fingscheid, now part of Wuppertal – 21 September 1923, in Farchant) was a German classical philologist who specialized in Latin studies.

He studied classical philology at the universities of Bonn and Berlin, receiving his doctorate in 1892. After graduation, he worked as a gymnasium teacher in Düsseldorf and Bonn and, in 1895, was named director of the German School in Brussels. In 1899, he relocated to Munich, where he was appointed head of the ''Thesaurus Linguae Latinae'', a project that was initiated by Eduard Wölfflin. In 1905, he became a full professor of classical philology at the University of Munich and, during the following year, a member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. Provided by Wikipedia
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