Eduard Thöny

Eduard Thöny Eduard Thöny (9 February 1866 - 26 July 1950) was a German caricaturist and illustrator known for his work for the journal ''Simplicissimus'', to which he was invited to contribute by Albert Langen. Born in Brixen, he studied at the arts academy in Munich. His work for ''Simplicissimus'' included more than 2,500 pages of cartoons used to lampoon German society and the military. Thöny's drawings would appear in the journal until it ceased publication in 1944. In 1904 Thöny traveled to Marseilles, Algiers, Tunis, Naples and Rome in company with fellow artists Ludwig Thoma and Rudolf Wilke. In 1906 Thöny, along with Olaf Gulbransson, Thoma, and Wilke, persuaded Langen to convert ''Simplicissimus'' into a joint stock company, thereby giving more power to the staff to control the journal's direction.

He died at Holzhausen on the Ammersee. Provided by Wikipedia
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