Ugliness : a cultural history

"'Ugly as sin', 'ugly duckling', 'rear its ugly head'. The word 'ugly' is used freely, yet it is a loaded term: from the simply plain and unsightly to the repulsive and even offensive, definitions slide all over the place. Hovering around 'feared and...

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Main Author: Henderson, Gretchen E. (Author, VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Book
Published: London : Reaktion Books , 2015
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Author Notes:Gretchen E. Henderson
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : Pretty ugly: a question of culture
  • Ugly ones: uncomfortable anomalies : Polyphemus: 'a monster of a man' ; Dame Ragnell: 'She was a loathly one!' ; A grotesque old woman: 'the ugly duchess' ; William Hay: 'never was, nor will be, a member of the ugly club' ; Julia Pastrana: 'the ugliest woman in the world' ; Orlan: 'a beautiful woman who is deliberately becoming ugly' ; Ugly ones: uncomfortably grouped
  • Ugly groups: resisting classification : Monsters and monstrosities: bordering uglies ; Outcasts and outward signs: signifying uglies ; Primitives and Venuses: colonizing uglies ; Broken faces and degenerate bodies: militarizing uglies ; Ugly laws and ugly dolls: legislating uglies ; Uglies united?: Commercializing ugly groups
  • Ugly senses: transgressing perceived borders : Ugly sight: seeing is believing ; ugly sound: do you hear what I hear? ; Ugly smell: a nose for trouble ; Ugly taste: are you what you eat? ; Ugly touch: do not touch? ; Sixth sense: feeling is believing
  • Epilogue : Ugly us: a cultural quest?