John Rowlands

John Rowlands may refer to:

*birth name of Henry Morton Stanley (1841–1904), Welsh-American journalist and explorer *John Rowlands (footballer) (1947–2020), English professional footballer *John Rowlands (author) (1938–2015), Welsh language novelist and academic *John Rowlands (RAF officer) (1915–2006), George Cross recipient, World War II bomb disposal expert, post-war developer of British A-bomb *John Rowlands (priest) (1925–2004), Anglican Dean of Gibraltar *John Rowlands (Giraldus) (1824–1891), Welsh antiquary and educator *John J. Rowlands (1892–1972), journalist, writer, and outdoorsman * John Rowlands, programmer of ''Mayhem in Monsterland'' and other video games Provided by Wikipedia
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by Rowlands, John
Published 1988