Bruce Gordon

Bruce Gordon may refer to:

* Bruce Gordon (musician) (born 1968), Canadian bassist and member of I Mother Earth * Bruce L. Gordon (born 1963), American philosopher and Intelligent Design proponent * Bruce S. Gordon (born 1946), American business executive and former NAACP president * Bruce Gordon (actor/director), South African actor and director of 1919's ''The First Men in the Moon'' * Bruce Gordon (American actor) (1916–2011), American character actor best known for playing Frank Nitti on ''The Untouchables'' * Bruce Gordon (businessman) (born 1929), owner of Australian regional television broadcaster WIN Television * Bruce Gordon (cricketer) (1878–1960), South African cricketer * Bruce Gordon (historian), professor of ecclesiastical history * Bruce Gordon (police officer), Canadian police officer * Bruce Gordon, a fictional character and the current host of the DC Comics supervillain Eclipso Provided by Wikipedia
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by Gordon, Bruce
Published in Melanchthon in Europe (1999)