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Document Type: Book
Published: [s.l.] : [s.n.] , [circa 1550]
Author Notes:by Kṛṣṇadāsa
Item Description:In Oriya-Schrift. / Ann.: An Oriya metrical work on a number of aspects pertaining to the special Orissan form of Viṣṇuism which was prevalent in the 16th century. It sheds light on yoga and vaiṣṇava philosophy, the significance of the sounds, ethical and moral discipline and also deals with the importance of uttering the names of god. The book, which is composed in form of a conversation between Arjuna and Kṛṣṇa seems to be a work of 16th century, not yet so deeply influenced by the school of Caitanya
Physical Description:117 Bl.