Śabara Baṃśābalī

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Document Type: Book
Published: [s.l.] : [s.n.] , [circa 1970]
Author Notes:by Satyanarayan Rajguru
Item Description:In Oriya-Schrift. / Ann.: A genealogy of the family of Viśvāvasu, the Śabara chief, who is credited to have worshipped Puruṣottama in his earlier, Nīlamādhava, form and whose successors were assigned significant roles in the cult of Jagannātha. / It is a copy of the palmleaf manuscript procured byPadmaśrī S. N. Rājaguru from some Śabara family residing on or around Mahendragiri near Parlakimedi (Ganjam)
Physical Description:22 Bl.