The Beauties Of England And Wales: Or, Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, Of Each County : Embellished With Engravings Vol. XVII. - Part I. / By The Rev. J. Evans

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Main Author: Evans, J. (Author, VerfasserIn)
Corporate Authors: Vernor, Hood And Sharpe (Verlag)
Sherwood and Co. (Verlag)
J. and J. Cundee (Verlag)
B. and R. Crosby And Co. (Verlag)
J. and J. Richardson (Verlag)
Cadell and Davies (Verlag)
Rivington (Verlag)
Other Authors: Harris, J. (Verlag)
Longman, Thomas Norton (Verlag)
Walker, John (Verlag)
Baldwin, Robert (Verlag)
Cuthell, J. (Verlag)
Document Type: Book
Published: London : Printed For J. Harris$pVernor, Hood And Sharpe$pLongman And Co.$pJ. Walker$pR. Baldwin$pSherwood And Co.$pJ. and J. Cundee$pB. And R. Crosby And Co.$pJ. Cuthell$pJ. And J. Richardson$pCadell And Davies$pAnd F. C. And J. Rivingstons , 1812
Author Notes:By The Rev. J. Evans
CRLB-Bib.:Bigland, England and Wales, 1812
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Vorlageform der Veröffentlichungsangabe: London: Printed For J. Harris; Vernor, Hood And Sharpe; Longman And Co.; J. Walker; R. Baldwin; Sherwood And Co.; J. And J. Cundee; B. And R. Crosby And Co.; J. Cuthell; J. And J. Richardson; Cadell And Davies; And F. C. And J. Rivingstons. 1812.
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