Geshtaltn fun der “zone”

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Published in:Soweṭiš heimland (1990), 11, Seite 60-70
Main Author: Mazus, Izrailʹ Arkadʹevič (Author, VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Online Resource Article
Published: 1990
Related Items:Enthalten in: Soweṭiš heimland
Author Notes:Yisroel Mazus
Notes:Three stories, translated from Russian by P. Kantor, on the Gulag. “Der alter rov” (“Staryi ravvin”): story of an encounter with an old rabbi in the Gulag; “In sof funem doktoyrim-iniyen” (“Delo vrachei”): story on how the news of the “doctors’ plot” and of Stalin’s death reach a prison camp; “Der kapitan nadeyev” (“Kapitan Nadeev”): story on an encounter in the Gulag of a guard with his friend from the front lines, who is now a camp inmate; with illustration
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