Ikh bin shtendig navenad

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Published in:Soweṭiš heimland (1990), 10, Seite 138-142
Main Author: Naidus, Leib (Author, VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Online Resource Article
Published: 1990
Related Items:Enthalten in: Soweṭiš heimland
Author Notes:Leyb Naydus
Notes:Eight poems (Ikh bin shtendig navenad; Farnakht in shtetl; Shtotish; Trern; Tsu di optrinike; Ven’s kumen shtern un troymish gafn; Nit tomid; A zun mit a regn); published on behalf of the 100th anniversary of Naydus’ death; with portrait of Naydus
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