Shtile vaser : dokumentale dertseylung

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Published in:Soweṭiš heimland (1969), 11, Seite 78-121
Main Author: Faliḳman, Ikhil (Author, VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Online Resource Article
Published: Mosqwe : Soweṭsqi Pisaṭel , 1969
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Related Items:Enthalten in: Soweṭiš heimland
Author Notes:Yekhiel Falikman
Notes:Documentary prose, continued in Sovetish heymland, 1969, 12; with a focus on episodes of resistance, during World War II, in the German occupied region of South-East Ukraine. The narrative, structured as a re-telling of interviews, deals mainly with Leonid Bernshteyn, who, lost in battle his military unit, went underground and organized a network of partisans under covernames in the occupied region at the railway junction station Shevchenkovo. Bernshteyn became the leader of a partisan unit, and in 1943, was able to get the maps of the German army’s military defense plan regarding that region. In the course of the narrative, mention is made of peasants, of women partisans, of Polish ex-prisoners, of members of the Communist party, and of Hirsh Nokhmanovitsh Volshteyn a crucial participant in the last action. Special attention is given to Jewish partisans, women and Poles. With photographs of Leonid Bernshteyn, Anna Alekseevna Nordenko, Fedor Khishniakov, and a group of Jewish partisans
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