Tsvishn kvalies

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Published in:Soweṭiš heimland (1968), 8, Seite 60-113
Main Author: Bukhbinder, Yosl (Author, VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Online Resource Article
Published: Mosqwe : Soweṭsqi Pisaṭel , 1968
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Author Notes:Yosl Bukhbinder
Notes:The author focuses in this story on two families living in a shtetl, a Jewish one and a non-Jewish Russian one, on their members and their offsprings. The narrative spans from the time of the Civil War to theNEP years and later in the 1930s, delineating the progress and the changes and touching on delicate themes as intermarriage between Jews and non Jews, religion in a modern society and the improvement of women's living conditions.
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