An eygnartiker dikhter : Tsum 70tn geburtstog fun shike driz

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Published in:Soṿeṭish heymland (1978), 5, Seite 167-172
Main Author: Petrova, Galina Aleksandrovna (Author, VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Article
Published: 1978
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Author Notes:Galina Petrova
Notes:Essay on the poetry of Shike Driz. This exceptionally gifted poet and his literary work, - his poems for children, - are at the center of an analysis of his poetry, corroborated by memories of Shike Driz and of his reading from his last collection of poems "Di ferte shtrune". The authr of the essay, Galina Petrova, was an aquaintance of the Yiddish poet. Includes a picture of Shike Driz.
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