Parallels between Hieronymus Bosch's imagery and decorated material culture from the period between circa 1450 and 1525

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Main Authors: Janssen, Hans (Author, VerfasserIn)
Goubitz, Olaf (VerfasserIn)
Kottman, Jaap (VerfasserIn)
Document Type: Book
Published: Ghent [u.a.] : NAi Publ. [u.a.] , 2001
Author Notes:Hans Janssen, Olaf Goubitz, Jaap Kottman
Item Description:Aus: Hieronymus Bosch : New Insights Into His Life and Work / hrsg. von Jos Koldeweij, Bernard Vermet, Barbara bsn Kooij. 2001
Physical Description:S. 171-192